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Happy Clicks features a collection of interactive online games designed especially for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Here you will find interactive online games that parents can enjoy playing with their children.

These free games for kids are simple to play and children can enjoy playing them on their own. Fun and free, our games make learning more enjoyable.

Our activities are a great way to learn new skills.

Our online games are entertaining for everyone. You may be surprised how early your son and/or daughter can point, click, and walk his/her way through enjoyable games.

The activities are interactive and simple, and make learning fun. All the online games for babies - games for toddlers and preschool games (1- 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 year old) at this site are free.

Mothers and fathers can enjoy playing with their kids online!

Here you will find, among others, coloring games, online maze games for kids, memory games online for kindergarten kids, keypress games for toddlers and preschool games to move the mouse and click.

Mothers and fathers can enjoy playing with their kids online!


Found this wonderful website when I was looking for baby-friendly online games. Keep up the good work!
Latoya, USA

So good, my baby likes it so much!
Jessica, Austin

Thanks for the fun!
Elizabeth, USA

I like my kids to be happy and learning while playing games.
Veronica, Texas

Love it!
Jayden, U.S.

Very good and fun activities! I have a daughter of 2 years old and she loves them.
Elisabeth, UK

They're real good to encourage young children.
Patrick, Seattle

It's a very educational site.
Loraine, Canada

My son is only 3 year olds and can recognize numbers and colours ...its great!!
Helen, USA

My little daughter loves them and they are very safe and educational.
Robert, US

Fantastic... we enjoyed very much with my 3 year olds boy.
Stephanie, New York

These games enhances imagination and creativity! Love them!!
Brenda, New York

You are the most awesome website!
Anne, Fort Bragg

My child loves your games!
Edward, Chicago

My 3 year old son loves the key press games. Train, hens and chicks, and owls, but her favorite is the car to truck to train to boat. Thank you!
Laura, Marshall

I teach preschoolers. This is a great place for them to start to learn the arrows and use of the mouse, Thank You!
Joan, New York

A great website for toddlers!
Rachel, San Diego

My child wants to play these games all the time.
Jeri, Pittsburgh

I love these educational games!
Kate, Jersey City

This is an excellent website for babies.
Nicholas, Madison

Great games. My baby is learning a lot while playing.
Linda, Akron

My 2 years old daughter plays and learns. Great work!
Lucas, Glendale

I love these games. My kids love these games. Happy clicks!
Chelsea, Tulsa.

Our child learns to manage the computer. Thanks!
Tracey, Atlanta

Beautiful and original designs. Great website.
Karri, Wichita

Ideal site for toddlers and babies. I recommend it.
John, Oakland

My two years old daughter does not want to stop playing!
Lisa, Anaheim

Love it; it made my toddler want to play it all the time!
Sarah, Texas

Excellent educational games!
Tom, San José

The best games on the web! Thank you!
Ellen, Detroit

My son loves this site and wants to play all day.
Joel, Phoenix

Perfect educational games for my 2 year old son. Congratulations!
Lena, Denver

I love these games. They are very entertaining and educational!
Peter, Las Vegas



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