Games for Toddlers and Babies: Play Chickens and chicks

Toddlers will have fun playing online using keyboard or the touch screen version for Android or iPad.

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Play Chickens and chicks:Toddler Educational Games Online

We hope that you enjoy the games and your time together with your children!

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Happy Clicks provides, among others, games specifically for babies and toddlers age 1 - 2 - 3.

Games for Toddlers and Babies: Play Chickens and chicks

Your kids will want to play this games again and again!

No mouse skills required for these toddler games, just tap the keyboard and the fun begins! It is great for babies and toddlers that are just understanding cause and effect.

Mothers and fathers will find on this website free baby activities online.

All the Games for Toddlers, Games for preschoolers online and Online maze games for kids at this site are free.

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My 2 year old son, Johnny, loves your games.
Karina, San Antonio

After a long search finally find what I was looking for. My toddlers are happy with these games.
Anna, Boston

Website safe and fun for the younger children and babies.
Richard, Washington

I am happy when I see my daughter learning with educational games that you do!
Victoria, San Francisco

With this website I can let my son play quietly while learning.
Steve, Los Angeles

These educational games are perfect for children 1 to 3 years old.
Agnés, Austin