Online Games for Toddlers: Learning numbers 1 to 10!

A number learning game for toddlers identifying numbers 1 to 10. To play using keyboard or the touch screen version for Android or iPad.

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Play with Numbers! Toddler Educational Free Games

Interactive toddler games. Learning numbers 1 to 10 for Babies, Toddlers and Young Children can be fun!

Happy Clicks provides, toddler games that are activated by pressing any key.

  • Your children will want to play this games again and again!
Online Games for Toddlers: Learning numbers 1 to 10!

No mouse skills required for these games for toddlers, just tap the keyboard and the fun begins! Young children will have fun watching the cause and effect with each key stroke. It is great for toddlers and babies that are just understanding cause and effect.

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We hope that you enjoy the games and your time together with your baby!

A beautiful video to learn to count to 10 for Babies and Toddlers >

Mothers and fathers will find on this website several activities for toddlers online. Introduce your kid to computer with !

Parents can enjoy playing with their baby, toddler or preschooler.

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Here you have a Counting Numbers 1 – 10 Activity to provide children an opportunity to play and count with numbers 1 – 10 at home! >

Maui Mini Games Educational App for babies, toddlers and preschoolers

I think it's awesome for toddlers.
Liana, Houston

Completely safe for little kids and beautiful.
Diona, Sri Lanka

Thanks for this educational game!
Abe, Nashville

I liked it because my child is learning much more.
Julie, Boston