Learning games for toddlers: Vowels

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You have to click on the vowels and objects when you find them! Free games for kids to play online using the mouse or the touch screen device.

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Mouse Game for Kids: Find the vowels!

Online preschool game: Vowels

Here you will find many easy-to-play free games to teach basic computer skills and the use of touch screens for young kids, boys and girls. These mouse exercises are designed for children in the ages of two, three, four and five years old.

Creating online games for kindergarten kids, toddlers and preschoolers is always a challenge, but what if you could use vowel letters? That's the challenge we faced when we set out to create our latest collection of free learning activities for young children, and we're proud to say that we succeeded!

Made for kids and toddlers who love playing online games at an early age and for parents with the purpose of combining fun with free educational activities. We're thrilled with the response we've gotten from kids and parents alike. It's amazing to see how much joy and learning can come from such a simple idea, using vowel letters in a learning game for girls and boys. We hope to continue creating fun and free learning activities for kindergarten kids, toddlers and preschoolers. For parents with kindergarten kids, preschoolers or toddlers, our online games can be a great way to introduce basic concepts like letters, colors, and shapes. By carefully choosing free online entertainment sites for children that are age-appropriate and setting clear limits on screen time, parents can help their kindergarten kids, boys and girls, enjoy the benefits of online gaming while minimizing the potential risks. Our free activities are designed with educational goals in mind, and can help kindergarten kids, boys and girls, to learn while they play online. We hope that our free learning games bring learning and fun to young children all over the world.

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