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Drag and drop the geometric shapes on top of their black silhouettes.

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Preschool Games: Play Geometric Shapes Game!

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Very good for children! Annie

My little brother loved it so much! Nikki

I really love this game! Sam

My baby loves this educational game. Clive

Best game for my kids. Thanks! Bob

Drag and Drop Preschool Game: Play Number Shapes Game!

Play Geometric Shapes Game for young kids.

Find free educational games and activities for toddlers and young kids.

We provide excellent computer games to practice how to drag and drop.

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My son like this game and learned much more. So thanks. Jennifer

My niece loved it. Great and simple to play. Emily

This is a great game that my baby loves! Tania

Great game and great job over all! Arlene

I like it because my little brother loves to play this game. Ashton

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