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Online games for babies, toddlers and preschoolers with wild animal sounds and names, to play using keyboard or touch screen version for Android - iPad.

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Your child will want to play this games again and again!

Play with Animal Sounds! Educational Free Games for Toddlers

Interactive toddler games: The children will discover the animal names, hear their sounds and will understand the cause and effect concept by pressing any key.

Your children will want to play this games again and again!

Beautiful photographs selected to learn animal sounds and names: elephant, zebra, lion, tiger, rhino, and monkey. Educational game for babies and children 1 year , 2 years and 3 years old.

Animal Sounds, Educational game for babies and children 1 year , 2 years and 3 years old. Elephant

No mouse skills required for these games for toddlers, just tap the keyboard and the fun begins! Young children will have fun watching the cause and effect with each key stroke. It is great for toddlers and babies that are just understanding cause and effect.

We hope that you enjoy the games and your time together with your baby!

My little sister loves this game. Well done! Brooke

My grandson has hours of joy with this site. Tony

My little girl loves this, easy for toddlers to use. Mia

This game is so cool! Jennifer

I think it's great for kids, my grandson loves it. Nicole

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My little sister just plays these games. Megan

I like the games because it’s educational. Brenda

This is an adorable game! Tara

I like this game because it helps me to learn. Melanie

This educational game is amazing I love it! Amanda

My daughter loves to play their games. Christina

This is the best learning site for toddlers! Angela

I have a 2 year old daughter, and she absolutely loves this game. Sophia

Simply great. My 3 year old girl learns a lot. Robert

Mothers and fathers will find on this website several activities for toddlers online. Introduce your kid to computer with !

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