Online games for 3 year old: Collect the apples!

Move the mouse or swipe your finger over the apples, and see what happens!

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Preschool Games Online: Collect the apples Game

Your toddler will want to play this games again and again!

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Happy Clicks provides, among others, these online games for 3 year old that will help them to develop the skill of use the mouse. There are no time limits. No winners or losers. The coolest free online Preschool games for kids!

We hope that you enjoy your time together with your son and / or daughter on our website!

Online games for 3 year old: Collect the apples!

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I love the sounds and my children love it too. Thank you. Sarah

Cool for all children! Brian

It's awesome. My 3 year old love it. Vicky

Very good graphics, pleasant sounds, lots of fun for children! Theresa

I have a little sister, she is 3 year old and she really likes this game. Virginia

My 3 year old daughter loves this game. It's easy to use. Angela

The best toddler game ever! Caroline

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My brother now plays it every time and so do I like the game.
Margaret, Chicago

My sister don't stop playing until my mother comes and take it.
Martin, Denver

My son has been playing and really loves this game.
Hannah, Los Angeles

It's fun and my kids loves!
Alisha, Baltimore

I absolutely adore this game!
Kevin, New York