Free memory games for kids: Weather Symbols

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A picture will be displayed for a second when you click on a card. You have to memorize what was displayed and click on another card. There are no time limits. Happy picture matching!

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Free Kids Memory Game: Weather Symbols

You will discover the sun, moon, rain, thunderstorms and a rainbow!

Happy Clicks Website provides excellent Online Memory Games for kids.

Encourage fun and learning at the same time with online games.
There are no time limits. No winners or losers. Kids have fun while learning!

Our free young children's gamesteach important skills for preschool and elementary school kids.

Kids Memory Games: Weather Symbols

Few of the benefits of playing memory games include:
Memory games enhances your child's reasoning and cognitive skills.
Memory games can help children to improve his memory by concentrating and focusing.

Kids love practicing their memory skills while playing fun online games like the card flipping memory match game.

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This amazing game is educational for kids! Lisa

Love it sooooo much! Morgan

The game is perfect. Estelle

My granddaughters enjoy this game so much. Michael

My 3 yrs. old is obsessed with this game! Natasha

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